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At Her Service

By: Anton, Shari

Price: $2.35

Publisher: Forever: 2005

Book Isle ID: 4693

Clearance - NEW in store stock; Warner Forever; 6.60 X 4.10 X 1.10 inches; 368 pages; A widow who has survived the deaths of two of her three children, Lady Joanna is determined to keep her one remaining daughter safe. When her beloved daughter is hurt by outlaws terrorizing her English village, Joanna hires a legendary mercenary to stop them. — Lady Joanna has seen how merciless men can be, and she has no desire for one in her life. But when outlaws raid her land, ter... View more info

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A Christmas Promise

By: Balogh, Mary

Price: $0.75

Publisher: Signet: 1992

Book Isle ID: 199

VERY GOODMinor binding creases /clean & tight / no writing noticed; Regency Romance; 1 x 7 x 5 Inches; 224 pages; Although her father is determined that she marry a nobleman, Eleanor Transome, who thinks she loves the humble Mr. Wilfred, is forced instead to become betrothed to Lord Randolph Falloden, a man on the brink of ruin. View more info

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Delaney's Crossing

By: Barrett, Jean

Price: $1.50

Publisher: Leisure Books (Mm): 1997

Book Isle ID: 5150

Minor binding / cover creases. No writing or damage noticed; 6.60 X 4 X 1.20 inches; 368 pages; PASSAGE WEST — Virile, womanizing Cooper J. Delaney was Agatha Pennington's only hope to help lead a group of destitute women to Oregon, where the promise of a new life awaited them. He was a man as harsh and hostile as the vast wilderness -- but Agatha counted on a gentleness she sensed behind his hard-muscled exterior, a tenderness lurking beneath his gruff facade. PASSAGE... View more info

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Love and Cherish

By: Garlock, Dorothy

Price: $0.25

Publisher: Zebra: 1982

Book Isle ID: 325

Minor binding chip/cover creases. 1 inch taped rip @ top cover - No writing or stamp; She was only seventeen years old...and terribly alone. Running deep into the Kentucky wilderness from the low down family that dared to sell her, Cherish Riley knew that her enemies were relentlessly tracking her, and that she risked all the dangers an untamed land had to offer. She never dreamed that a tall, lean, buckskin-clad man with a large brown dog would offer his protection -- a... View more info

Mask of the Enchantress

By: Holt, Victoria

Price: $0.75

Publisher: Ivy Books: 1985

Book Isle ID: 5132

Minor binding / cover creases. No damage noticed / store stamp on inside page ; 6.60 X 4.10 X 1 inches; From the moment young Suewellyn caught her first glimpse of the Mateland family castle, she knew she had to possess it. But how could the beautiful illegitimate child ever aspire to such a dream? The answer lay in a perilous deception. Her masquerade succeeded -- too well. Caught in a web of her own creation, Suewellyn found herself faced with a final, desperate choice... View more info

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By: Squires, Susan

Price: $0.50

Publisher: Leisure Books: 2009

Book Isle ID: 4851

Minor binding / cover creases. No writing or damage noticed; 6.90 X 4.30 X 1.06 inches; 384 pages; Out of Darkness, light. War swept England, and the dark ages grew darker as Vikings put Saxon strongholds to the torch and promised new rule. The horde found Epona, Daughter of the Goddess, on the hill beneath the Sign of the White Horse. There she had lived, awaiting the man who was fated to give her a child. In Viking fires burned her destiny. View more info

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By: Sutcliffe, Katherine

Price: $0.50

Publisher: Jove: 1996

Inscription: Signed by Author

Book Isle ID: 4418

Minor binding / cover creases. No damage noticed - Autographed book plate; 6.70 X 4.10 X 1.10 inches; 376 pages; Trey Hawthorne had once been the most eligible man in Northern England. A notorious rogue, the young Duke of Salterdon had a line of admirers that could stretch all the way around his magnificent estate. But after being wounded, Trey suddenly found himself alone -- and unloved. — Until Maria Ashton came along. Something about the lovely young nursemaid touch... View more info